HOFMANN FACADES is a globally active group of companies which specializes in opaque facade and curtain wall systems. It is pairing traditional and innovative cladding materials with a deep expertise in facade engineering and building envelope technology and strong focus on sustainability.

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From pre construction over global resourcing up to the Facade Management. HOFMANN FACADES bring you the right capabilities for your next project.

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HOFMANN FACADES owns and operates more than a dozen quarries and a further dozen quarries under exclusive license. We are constantly expanding our business with our global partners. Take a look at our vacancies and find out more about us.

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Natural stone was created millions of years ago during planetary formation. In contrast to other cladding materials such as aluminum, steel and glass, ceramic, terra-cotta or brick natural stone does not need to be manufactured at great energetic cost. Only 3% of the manufactured cost is used for energy from block extraction to installation on site.

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