Natural Stone

HOFMANN FACADES is proud of its innovative processing techniques and novel uses of natural stone, developed in partnership with architects and engineers. New product concepts and technical expertise have allowed a range of new possibilities. Take a look at our natural stone list.

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Ultra-High Performance Concrete

Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) is reinforced by stainless steel. It’s unique combination of properties such as imperviousness, resilience and ductility allow it to perform even in the most extreme conditions.

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UHPC Veneer

Innovative Combination o UHPC and Natural Stone, Terra-Cotta or Brick as a combined UHPC Veneer Facade cladding application. Superior to precast veneer in terms of dimensions, weight, performance, insulation, fire proofing and additional floor space gains. Innovative applications for UHPC Veneer Facades exceed the capabilities of each material on its own.

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Anchor Systems

Natural Stone and UHPC facades consist of stone/UHPC panels, insulation and stainless steel anchors. Hand set facade panels are site installed and either fixed to the building by four anchor point by mortar pin anchors or hybrid anchors connecting to a bracket and rail system. All anchors have to be 316 stainless steel. Factory installed stone panels are either integrated in a unitized curtain wall system/ strong back system or cast into a stone faced precast /UHPC stone veneer element. On site unitized panels are installed by crane or from the floor.

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